Our Story

In a world where clothes tell a tale, Meet Tiliano, a journey to unveil. Tolu Okeowo, with a petite frame, Had a style struggle, not the same.

Regular clothes, too big and long, Her fashion journey felt all wrong. Talking to friends who were petite, They said, "Customize! Your style, make it neat."

But Tolu wasn't thrilled, not at all, Why should she stumble while others stroll? Taller friends shopped with such ease, She felt lost, trying hard to please.

Then one day, something came along, A store that felt like where she belongs. For petites like her, clothes that fit, A dream come true, a perfect fit.

She felt joy like a whisper in her heart, A fresh new start, a beautiful part. But the joy wasn't there to stay, Challenges arose, clouds turned grey.

Stereotypes hung in the air, Short and slim, that was the flare. Fashion seemed stuck in a tiny space, Tolu wanted more, a diverse embrace.

With determination in twenty-twenty-two, Tolu flipped the script, a dream come true. Tiliano was born, breaking the mold, Petite fashion stories, beautifully told.

Colors, styles, all unique and free, Tiliano became what it aimed to be. Tolu's journey, an inspiration bright, A legacy formed in the shining light.

Threads of passion, woven with grace, Tiliano's tale, a smile on her face. In every design, a piece of her heart, A brand that thrived, a work of art.